Cat Sitting

Do you prefer to leave your cat in the comfort of its own home?  We can offer an ultimate service to keep your cat well cared for while you’re away.  We will call to your requirements, once a day, twice a day whatever you require.

We will not only feed your cat but make sure it has fresh water to drink, clean litter trays, should your cat require medication to be given we can see to this as well, and not above all else show it some special love and attention and have a little ‘play’ time as well.

Should your cat require a trip to the vets for ongoing treatment or yearly boosters we can take care of this also.

Before you decide if this will be right for you and your pet, meet me! I do not give your visit to an outsider I run the business and it is me (Kyla Colley) who will make the calls, I have a criminal disclosure for you to view also, and references.

Remember we can look after any other animals at the same time, fish, budgies, rabbits etc; we can also water the garden/plants take in you mail, shut/open curtains, switch on/off lights, making you house safer.  We’ll even get in a few groceries for your return if you require.

We supply home check sheets where every visit is signed to show we have called.

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